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Why Medicine Park is the most beautiful part of Oklahoma

The most beautiful place in Oklahoma is Medicine Park, Oklahoma. I am not looking to debate you, it is just a fact and I am here to prove it. All you have to do is book one of our cabins stay two nights and if you are still in doubt then we will get your eyes checked. Here are my reasons:

  • #1 Mountains – There are mountains in Oklahoma, it is true. Actual un flat ground, the picture below is from a deck at one of our cabin rentals right here in Medicine Park, Oklahoma
  • #2 Cute Downtown – The cutest downtown in middle America is here in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. We obsess over Christmas, in fact Santa is around 365 days a year. The shops, the restaurants if you can find a better downtown, please post a pic in the comments.
  • #3 Lakes – There are more lakes around than I feel is legally permissible but a few hundred yards from one of our cabin Rentals is Lake Lawtonka. I have been on that lake jet skiing and it flat out doesn’t get better.

  • #4 Hiking – We are next to the Wichita Wildlife refuge, you should keep your cellphone away except when you get an opportunity to take a selfie with a buffalo (our lawyers asked me to also say Buffalos are dangerous and you should keep a healthy distance.
  • #5 Attractions – We have a shockingly good acquarium in town. I have been to aquariums everywhere and it is shockingly good.

There you have it, book your cabin now in gorgeous Medicine Park Oklahoma, in one of our cabins and you can thank me later.