Medicine Park Shops

Medicine Park Frequently Asked Questions

Medicine Park is nestled just under the Wichita mountains and it has charming restaurants, shops, trails and cobblestone everywhere the eye can see.

How far is Medicine Park to Lawton, Ok? Lawton is about 14.5 miles/21 mins from any of our cabins, which you can see pictures of and book here-


How far is Medicine Park from Oklahoma City? Our cabins are about 102 miles/2 hrs and 18 mins from the Oklahoma City Capitol Building. 


How far is Fort Sill from Medicine Park? Fort Sill is about 17.4 miles/23 mins from our cabins.


How far is Medicine Park from Mt. Scott? One cabin has a view of mount Scott from the deck and the others are a few miles from it


How far is Medicine Park from Meers? All of our cabins are about 5- 9 mile from Meers Store and Restaurant. (Meers is cash only)


Does Medicine Park close? Medicine Park and all four of our cabins are open year round. There are some attractions that close throughout the year including Bath Lake. Bath Lake is open during the summer months and closes in the fall. 


Can you swim at Medicine Park? Yes, there are several lakes to choose from. From the MountainView cabin you can go a quarter mile left and swim at Lake Lawtonka. The most common swimming hole is Bath Lake –  located in the downtown area and does offer safe, fun swimming! If you go right from MountainView you will run right into it. 


What is there to do in Medicine Park? 

There are a ton of things to do in Medicine Park. They have events throughout the year which you can find info on here-

There is the downtown shopping area (just to the right of MountainView) that you can walk from store to store and shop local and many handmade goods.


There is also the Medicine Park Aquarium which is across the street from our Red cabin and only 2.6 miles/5 min drive from any of our cabins!


What Restaurants are in Medicine Park? There are several restaurants in close proximity to all of our cabins which include Riverside Cafè, The Old Plantation, Small Mountain Street Tacos, Chad’s El Sabores Mexican Restaurant, and Park Tavern. 


What hiking trails are in or near Medicine Park? There is Mt. Scott Service Road which is about 5.6 miles of paved hiking. There is also Lawtonka Trails which has 6 different trails ranging in difficulty.  


How far are the cabins from downtown Medicine Park? All of our cabins are within a ½ mile from the downtown area. 

Where is the closet convenience store located? There are two convenience stores close to our cabins, Bubba’s Gas and Shop on highway 58 about 2.2 miles/ 7 mins or there is a Love’s on highway 49 about 6.3 miles/10 mins.


Where is the closet liquor store located? Up the Creek spirits is located at 215 E Lake Dr just about a ½ mile from any of the cabins. 


Can you fish at Medicine Park? Yes, with an Oklahoma fishing license which you can get at Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shop, and some convenience stores. There are many areas to fish near all four of our cabins!